Space Janitor 141: Where does this lead?

Space Janitor (141) smiled and shouted.

“You’re doing great, thank you!” Space Janitor didn’t know if they could hear him.

He was hoping that they wouldn’t notice the fact that Space Janitor was doing nothing.

The pack of dogs were good at digging. Was that worth bring it up? You probably know already that these dogs are good diggers but this is what they were good at.

The dogs were digging with fervour. Space Janitor was getting dirt and debris rained on top of him. He was glad that there was forward motion. The further they dug the more Space Janitor realised that he wasn’t sure if they were going in the right direction. What was the right direction in this case? It was hard for him to tell. Would they get angry at him if they didn’t show up any results? He hoped not.

The pack of dogs burrowed further and further along. Space Janitor followed along behind them. He kept an eye on the surroundings in the hope it would give some clues about which way to proceed. Space Janitor wasn’t sure it all looked the same. Every now and then there was a strut that appeared to be overhead. What was this place before? Was it a storage area for the space station. This was still a space station right? Space Janitor wasn’t sure, he shivered.

The dogs were sweating. He could see the slick wet on their fur. He watched as they put their all. They did not stop for breath. None of them regardless of size seemed to show any sign of letting up. Space Janitor felt a feeling within him. Was it jealousy? He looked down, a berry was in his hand. Would he eat?


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Space Janitor 141 Space Janitor 141


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