Space Janitor 140: Across the ways

Space Janitor (140) smiled. It seemed like on some level they were accepting what was being said and maybe he could motivate them to work as a team.

“Yes that’s it exactly, we’re going to try digging across and see where that leads us to. Now it might not be easy at first, but this is what we have to do. To be better off than the rest of the other dogs. Make sure not to crowd each other,” Space Janitor wasn’t sure what else he could say.

Space Janitor tried his best to get his bearings to see which way was the best to go. He looked up to try and see could he make out the best way for them to dig. It was no use, he would have to guess it and hope for the best.

Space Janitor picked a random wall and pointed to it.

“OK, Digger, you lead the way,” he said to the most massive dog in the group.

“Oh, boy do I? You know better than anyone I know how to dig. It’s just about my favourite thing to do. You know I’ve never done it across the way before. But if it involves digging, then I guess I’m down for it. Let’s get digging,” Digger said in one breath.

Space Janitor smiled.

Digger took up position and then the other dogs fell into place around him.

They stood to attention and then looked round to Space Janitor.

“Well, you have to say,” said one of the more scruffy looking dogs.

“OK then, dig!” Space Janitor commanded.

Soon they were digging. Digger was way ahead of the rest of them, and they moved forward at quite a rate. Space Janitor shielded his eyes.

“Are we doing alright?” Digger shouted back to Space Janitor.


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Space Janitor 140 Space Janitor 140


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