Space Janitor 139: Dig did you say?

Space Janitor (139) was taken aback by the question. He hadn’t thought about what it meant. Was this an opportunity for him? He could take charge of the situation. Would it be right for him to lie and say that he was indeed the one in charge?

Space Janitor looked around. They were stuck. There was no way for the group of them to be able to get out of this hole. It was up to Space Janitor to work his way out of here.

Space Janitor decided. It would be better for him to lie to them and get them out alive rather than stick to a hard truth. If there were to be consequences for his actions, then he would rather face them alive than dead. He had a better chance of fighting them off if he were alive.

“Yes, I am the boss. Like a boss, we have to get out of here, and that is an order. Now because I am the boss that means you have to do what I say no matter what. Guard dog you have to join in too. We all need to get out of here together, alright,”

The guard dog did not respond. Space Janitor took it as a good sign.

“Now, you might all be used to digging down. But now I have a brand new idea that will help us get out of here,” Space Janitor stated.

The dogs all nodded.

“We are going to dig across and see where that leads us,” Space Janitor said. He still not sure if they could comprehend what he was saying.

Heads slumped forward and brows furrowed.

One of them could be seen forming the words in their head.

“Dig across?”


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Space Janitor 139 Space Janitor 139


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