Space Janitor 138: Rallying the pack together

“Now that we’re all on the same page,” Space Janitor (138) said keeping a close eye on the guard dog. It did not object. “We need to figure the best way out of here,”

The other dogs nodded in agreement.

“I know a way,” Digger muttered.

“Thank you, but digging got us into this mess. I’m not sure if it will get us out,” Space Janitor responded.

Digger’s face dropped.

“Now we seem to have fallen quite a way down,” said Space Janitor. “I don’t know if this wall leads to anywhere. Does any of you know where we are?” Space Janitor looked around at them.

Despite the darkness, he could see that they all looked at him blankly. Space Janitor picked up one of the still working lanterns. He held it up to get a better look at their faces. They were filthy, their hair had grown way too long and crooked teeth.

Not only were these dogs fed something to block their higher intelligence, but they were physically mistreated too. Is this what it was to be a stray? Even the guard dog looked wretched now that his helmet was off. A wave of pity washed over Space Janitor. How could he help them?

One of the dogs raised a paw.

Underneath it all, there was still the spark of a dogs intuition.

It filled Space Janitor with hope.

“Yes, go ahead,” Space Janitor encouraged.

“Where are we?” the dog said.

Hope was syphoned off.

“We don’t know, and we’re trying to work out where we are. I thought you might have an idea. You’re the ones who work here,” Space Janitor said.

“You work here, too?” the dog responded. “Aren’t you a boss?”


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Space Janitor 138 Space Janitor 138


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