Space Janitor 137 – A confederacy of dogs

Space Janitor (137) watched as the guard dog mulled over the decision in his mind. Space Janitor didn’t want to rush the dog. Somehow in his mind, he knew that it would not be entirely possible for him to do so even if he wanted. If the entire pack were on all these stupifying berries, then it was going to be a long process for all of them in general. Space Janitor wondered if he was using the word stupifying right.

Was there a chance Space Janitor had ingested some of these berries? It would be hard for him to tell as Space Janitor knew that already he was not the smartest of dogs. By comparison, next to these dogs, he was a genius, but that spoke worse of him than it did of the fellow dogs around them. There was a feeling of unease.

Space Janitor thought for a moment. The guard dog was still mulling over Space Janitor’s previous statement. Space Janitor would be the de facto leader of these dogs. He knew that this was well outside his remit. As a cleaning dog, but he would need all the help that he could get to carry out the task at hand. In the end, it was part of his job description. To do this to carry out his overall goal of clearing out the landing strip.

Space Janitor finished his thinking. He returned his attention back to the room. The guard dog still had not arrived at a decision. Space Janitor grew impatient. He decided to take a chance and speed things along.

“Thank you, I’m glad you decided,” Space Janitor said to the guard dog.

“You’re welcome,” the guard dog replied. Had the guard dog been fooled.


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Space Janitor 137 Space Janitor 137


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