Space Janitor 136 – A closed room and new allies

Space Janitor (136) watched as Digger brought up more of the other dogs. They all had some sort of injury or other. Most of the floor was clear, and there was a sigh of relief given out. Was this all of them.

“Good job Digger,” Space Janitor said, patting him on the back. The hulking beast’s back arched up and down. Even if he did cause this, it was good that he put his all into righting his wrongs.

There were a lot of dogs buried down here with him.

Now that most of them were unearthed there was now the question of what to do with them? How would they get out, Space Janitor wondered to himself.

“I’m hurt,” one of the other dogs said.

“Me too,” said another. The others were small dogs and quite yappy too. There was a sense that they would all start yapping.

“We have to figure out how we get out of here,” Space Janitor addressed the group.

“We could try digging,” Digger announced. Space Janitor flashed a smile at Digger but didn’t respond verbally.

“Yeah, we need to figure out a way to get you back in your cell,” said one of the dogs. It was at this moment Space Janitor realised that not all the dogs were diggers.

“Now let’s not jump to that conclusion. There is a time and a place for that. Not now,” Space Janitor said.

“Think I pretty much have to do it,” said the unmasked guard dog.

“Now you have yourself a choice, OK. You can capture us but remain trapped in here with us. Or you can work with us and get out of here together,” Space Janitor begged.

What choice would the guard dog make?


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Space Janitor 136 Space Janitor 136


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