Space Janitor 135: Once the dust has settled

Space Janitor (135) stopped what he was doing and then looked round to Digger.

“Some help would be good come to thinks of it,” Space Janitor said.

Digger smiled at Space Janitor.

“Helping is what I do best of all, especially if the help comes in the form of digging,” Digger said. Before taking up a position beside Space Janitor.

Digger shifted rocks and boulders with great ease. There was still a lot of yelping and groaning coming from nearby.

Digger overturned rocks with ease. There was a sense that they would be able to do this quickly. Space Janitor could see that there were legs and tails below the rubble.

Space Janitor did what he could to help. He found it better if he focused on the efforts of Digger in the right direction. There was an urgency in the air as well as the dust.

Digger helped to free up enough. Space Janitor took over and pulled a dog-free. There was a sense that there was some hope after all.

“You took a pretty bad hit,” Space Janitor said to the small dog in front of him.

“It’s my leg,” said the dog, “I can’t lean on it or nothing,”

Space Janitor looked down and saw that the small dog’s leg was indeed severely twisted.

“Stand to one side please, there are a few more of you trapped in here,” Space Janitor said. “Shield your eyes too,”

Space janitor wondered to himself, how many of these dogs were there? Were they all packed in together so Denobol could get as much use out of them as possible? None of it made sense. What they were digging for, what the point of all this was, it made no sense.

What was going on?


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Space Janitor 135 Space Janitor 135


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