Space Janitor 134 – The cave in happens

Space Janitor (134) looked at the guard dog and smiled. The rumbling was getting louder and louder. Now the whole jail was shaking.

The guard dog looked down. Underneath his feet, the ground grew more cracks. Hairlines appeared everywhere and grew.

It was clear that the guard dog wasn’t sure what to make of the whole endeavour. Space Janitor tucked his legs in on his bunk and braced for impact.

The entire floor of the cell opened up, and Space Janitor fell through the hole in the ground. The guard dog fell too.

They had not fallen far, but there was a lot of rubble and dust where they were.

A large silhouette appeared in front of Space Janitor, he recoiled.

“Told you I could dig,” it was Digger standing over him triumphantly. His tongue lold about his mouth. Space Janitor was happy to be wrong.

“There you go Digger, you sure showed me. Where are we exactly?” Space Janitor asked.

Digger looked puzzled, turned his head left and right, he sniffed the air.

“Down, I think,” Digger responded. Space Janitor smiled and held out a paw. Digger hoisted him to his feet, and Space Janitor dusted off his jumpsuit. He looked about. He coughed at the dust in the air.

Then he heard groaning. Lots of groaning.

“You’ve caused a cave in Digger. We need to see if anyone is hurt,” said Space Janitor. Space Janitor looked about him and begin to dig in various spots.

Digger laughed at Space Janitor.

“You really don’t know how to dig do you, mister. Oh my, that is not good digging,” said Digger. “Look, you can’t even do it right. Say do you want Digger to help?”


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Space Janitor 134 Space Janitor 134


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