Space Janitor 133 – Can you hear the rumbling?

Space Janitor (133) saw the pain in the dog’s eyes. This was causing great distress. Distress unsuited to such a beast. If the dog was allowed to retain its natural intelligence, then things would be different for the rest of them.

Suddenly there was the sound of rumbling. It was low at first and could not be made out entirely cleary, but it was there.

Space Janitor picked it up, but the guard dog chattering on the radio was oblivious. As well as the intelligence, these berries appeared to dull the senses too.

Could it be that these dogs have barks worse than their bites? Could they bite?

“There was a dog, but now there is a big hole,” the guard dog said. “Can dogs turn into holes. Maybe it explodeded,” Space Janitor felt an urge to correct but fought it back.

Something was barked back to the dog, but Space Janitor could not make it out clearly.

“You there, did you see what happened, did it explode?”

“Everything happened so fast, really I can’t be entirely sure what happened,” said Space Janitor.

The guard dog regarded him for a bit longer. The grill across the eyes stopped Space Janitor from getting a good read on the guard dog. It was almost as if there was some form of time delay that didn’t fully allow for the guard to respond too quickly.

Speak in less long sentences, the guard dog said.

“Smaller, sentences,”

“Sentence is a big word still so don’t use,”

“Are you having trouble over there?” Space Janitor was worried about the beast.

“Be quiet,”

The rumbling was getting more apparent. Space Janitor wondered if the guard dog had noticed.

“What is that?” the guard dog said.


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Space Janitor 133 Space Janitor 133


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