Space Janitor 132 – Where did digger go?

Space Janitor (132) looked up and out to the guard dog. What was there for him to say. 

“Stop digging,” the guard dog shouted. Space Janitor held up his paws and stood up.

The guard dog looked at the newly formed hole. 

“I tried to stop him,” Space Janitor lied. 

“Be quiet,” the guard dog barked back. It was subtle, but Space Janitor was able to pick up the fear in the voice. 

Space Janitor watched the guard dog. All it did was look at the hole. There was no movement. Space Janitor was confused by the whole thing. 

“Is there something the matter?” Space Janitor enquired. 

“Be quiet, I’m, you know,”

“Thinking,” Space Janitor offered.

“I said for you to be quiet. Bad, bad, bad,” said the guard dog. Who they were talking to remained a mystery.

It only occurred to Space Janitor then that the guard dogs were being fed the same berries. Or was it beans, whatever they were. If this dog had been stupified, then it would make much more sense. 

Would he be able to manipulate the guard dog in the same way as he had Digger? Was there any possible way for him to get out of this room. What were they doing to Shep? It seemed like a long time ago for him. 

“This is prison guard dog,” said the guard dog. Was it really as bad as that for them? Did they really have no names? How could Denabol allow for such cruelty? How will a dog know if he’s being called if he doesn’t have a name to answer.

Space Janitor wanted to reach out to the guard dog and tell him it was OK. To find a name for him too. Was this to be the future for these dogs?


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Space Janitor 132 Space Janitor 132


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