Space Janitor 131 – Dissappearence of Digger

Space Janitor (131) found himself curling up on his bunk, afraid of what Digger was about to do.

Digger, in particular, seemed to get very agitated. It was only then Space Janitor realised the poor dog might be pushed over the edge.

Would he try and calm him down? No, there was no point in doing so. Space Janitor was desperate. Desperate to get out of the cage. This would help both of them in the long run.

“Oh boy, you’re going to feel so upset when you realise how hard I can dig,” Digger exclaimed. Digger stepped back, taking both paws and digging with ferocity.

Dirt was dug up fired at the ceiling. It went everywhere, and Space Janitor had to cover his eyes. Now they were getting somewhere at least. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be long now for Space Janitor to get out.

The dirt stopped flying, and it all went quiet. There was no sign of Digger reemerging. Was that it, is that all Space Janitor could hope for? His only chance at escape disappearing down a tunnel.

Space Janitor grew frustrated. There he was still sat in the cell. He had overplayed his hand, and now the dog on the other side of the bars was gone forever.

Space Janitor convinced himself. If he was not going to get out with the help of Digger, then he might have to take matters into his own paws.

Space Janitor got down of the cot onto his knees. The floor was hard and showed no sign of moving.

Space Janitor scraped his paw along the surface, but it made no difference.

He did all he could to move some of the floors, but nothing happened.

Just then, the door opened, and a guard dog appeared to take the bowls away.

“What’s going on in here?”


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Space Janitor 131 Space Janitor 131


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