Space Janitor 128: Denobol is doing us a favor

Space Janitor (128) thought for a moment. He never thought about his thoughts. At least to level of depth that Digger did.

“I must admit Digger, I’ve never considered, my thoughts. But then again, this is my first day, so I’m not the most accustomed to them. You must forgive me for not considering,” Space Janitor said.

“Sure, sure take your time thinking about it. That’s part of the problem, you spend your time thinking about thinking about things. That’s why Denabol did the right thing by not asking us. He says we don’t have enough brains to think about thinking. My daddy said he liked thinking, but Denobol didn’t listen. Made him eat the berries and then after a while he didn’t mind so much anymore. Denobol is good to us like that,” Digger had finished his bowl. Was in the process of licking it clean.

“Denabol forced you, that’s not good.” Space Janitor commented.

“Huh, oh no, you get it all wrong. Denabol is doing us strays a favour. We only would have wasted our thinking anyway. Me, as you can see, now I know that’s what you’re thinking. I’m not the brightest. I’ve been brought up the stuff my whole life,” Digger said, a smile on his face.

“And what would happen, if you stopped?” Space Janitor asked.

Digger was eyeing up Space Janitor’s bowl. Space Janitor handed the bowl over to Digger. Hungry, he grabbed it and began nibbling it through the bars.

Digger stopped, looking up to see Space Janitor awaiting a response.

“Well, I guess I would get distracted from digging what with all the voices coming back. Could you imagine voices?

Space Janitor didn’t have to imagine the voices, they were talking away in his ear asking “What are you going to do?”


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Space Janitor 128 Space Janitor 128


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