Space Janitor 126 – What’s your name again?

“If I were you, I’d tell me,” said Space Janitor (126). “But then again I’m biased when it comes to hearing stories about digging. If that’s what the story is about,”.

“How did you know? You must be smart wherever you strayed from,” said the other dog.

“Well, I have had a moment or two. Thank you, what is your name?” Space Janitor asked.

“Hmm, no one ever needs me, so no one ever calls me. I remember someone calling me, yeah way back there in the picture show. What was it? What was it, what was it? I know what it is what did they say. Was digging, because digging’s what I do best. I was digging but was digging too much. What was it, the guard said my name. He said it, and I can hear it. Idiot. My name is Idiot,” Idiot looked pleased to remember his own name.

“Your name is Idiot? I don’t think I’ll call you that. I’ll use a different name for you,” said Space Janitor.

“Stupid?” the other dog volunteered. Space Janitor grimaced.

“I’m going to call you digger, it sounds like something you do and like to do,” said Space Janitor.

“Oh boy Digger, yep that’s me. I much prefer that to Stupid Idiot,” said the newly named Digger.

“My name is,” Space Janitor started.

“I don’t care, all I know is I have a name I much prefer,” said Digger.

“Show me then,” said Space Janitor. “Your paws are so big. If you compare them to mineones. Look at those long nails too. I bet you could dig out of here with no effort,”

“You know I could it’s just that, hmmm, it’s just you know. Other dogs said for me not to. You know I can’t.”


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Space Janitor 126

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