Space Janitor 125: Did someone say dig?

“Digging?” The dog said to Space Janitor (125). Space Janitor was hopeful that maybe he had finally got through to him. Credit to Space Janitor where it’s due this didn’t take as long as he was expecting.

You know what?

It’s been a while since I told the story. If I am, to be honest with you, there is a chance that I am skimming over certain particulars of the story.

Look I could tell you a blow by blow account of how Space Janitor subtly coaxed it out of the other dog. I won’t because it would be the death of you. There’s a lot of ground to cover. Either it took a long time, or it didn’t.

Anyway, back to Space Janitor.

“Yes, digging. Is that it? It sounds like your favourite thing.” Space Janitor said.

“Oh boy oh boy do I like digging, I do. I do. Digging is when it alls go quiet, you know? Then I’m all like if I dig a bit more then that would be good,” the other dog said. His face dropped. “They told me not to dig too much. I dig too far, so I listen to them because you know they want what’s best for me and the rest of us strays,”. The dog looked out and past Space Janitor to some invisible spot on the wall.

“Putting you in here, not digging doesn’t seem like what’s best for you. If anything you don’t seem to be doing any digging,” Space Janitor responded.

“No, they mean well and all that. Other dogs told me not to dig anymore, so I listened to them. But can I tell you something? Maybe I shouldn’t. But I want to. Oh, what do I do?


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Space Janitor 125

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