Space Janitor 124 – The manic dog menace

Space Janitor (124) took a moment and collected his thoughts. He would have to tread carefully.

“As in, I don’t like being in this cage,” said Space Janitor.

“Huh, huh, oh yeah, yeah. Bit small in here if you ask me there’s not enough space to run or dig,” said the other dog.

Space Janitor nodded along. The movements of the other dog were manic. Its head would bolt from side to side, two invisible companions sat on his shoulders. At least that’s how it would look to an outside observer.

“You liked to run?” Space Janitor said. Space Janitor didn’t care, but there was something in his belly. Something told him if he went directly to the question he wanted to ask he would close up again.

“Oh boy, did I? I did, so you know. It’s not a secret. No secret at all. In fact, can’t keep secrets. But the bosses told me I can’t tell secrets,” said the other dog.

“I can only guess what you do better,” said Space Janitor.

“Huh? No, I was going to tell you, but if you want to do it, then I guess you got to. I wouldn’t want you spoiling my game, so I won’t spoil yours,” said the dog.

Space Janitor knew he’d messed up. Other dogs face dropped.

“Oh, please go on and tell me,” Space Janitor tried. “I’m not good at guessing,”

“Well it’s your game, I don’t want to mess it up, or nothing so go ahead, yeah, you do that. I wouldn’t want you spoiling my game or nothing like that, so you go on ahead. Guess, guess, then guess again,”

Space Janitor wasn’t sure how to proceed. Would it be better off if he blurted it out, one way to find out.

“Is it digging?”


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Space Janitor 124 Space Janitor 124


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