Space Janitor 123 – Cell mates make you wait

The dog took a while to answer Space Janitor (123). If felt as if Space Janitor was going to be left in constant suspense. Space Janitor wondered if the poor dog opposite had heard him. Suddenly there was a flicker, and the dog started nodding.

“Me, how long I been, oh you know not long, not that long really, just in and out you know. Same old, same old,” said the dog.

Space Janitor nodded and didn’t respond. He knew that if he wanted to get through to this dog, then he would have to choose his words carefully.

There was no way the poor dog had full control over his faculties. The last thing he wanted to do was to scare him any more than he had to.

Space Janitor would have to tread carefully.

The dog sat there, smiling blankly at Space Janitor. Space Janitor knew there was some way to get him out of the haze and helpful.

Space Janitor had been through quite a bit that morning and wasn’t ready to let himself die like this.

The more he did so, the more Space Janitor realised he liked living. He wanted to do it for a while longer at least.

Space Janitor knew his very existence depended on getting out of this cell. Then getting back the Spenglactic. He could sit and rot in the cell, or he could somehow get this other dog to be an accomplice to whatever it was he had in store.

There was a limited window of opportunity.

There didn’t seem to be any guard nearby. He would have to take a chance and reach out to the other dog.

Space Janitor took a gulp.

“I don’t like it here.” Space Janitor said.

“What you mean by that?”


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Space Janitor 123


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