Space Janitor 122 – Meeting a new dog

Space Janitor (122) sat looking at the dog opposite.

“Hello,” Space Janitor ventured. There was no response from the other dog aside from a slight nod. Space Janitor smiled back, hoping there would be some form of verbal response.

“Not the best facilities I’ve seen,” Space Janitor said. There was a snort from the other dog. Then the eyes blinked rapidly. The pupils, despite the dim light, refocused.

“Facilities, facilities. Oh, sure, sure. I know what you mean. Not the best facilities. No, no way not now or ever,” said the other dog. Space Janitor didn’t know how lucid his new companion was. There was something off about the dog. Space Janitor wondered if there was a chance he could go back to the trance-like state. He didn’t mention it. This was because while Space Janitor may not be the smartest pup out there, he does know the value in being civil.

“You look like you’ve been here a while,” Space Janitor said. The other dog didn’t immediately respond. It was this delay in the response that made Space Janitor uneasy.

“Here, a while, sure. Sure, sure sure. That’s me, they say, he’s been here a while, and you know what? They’re right. You must be one of them.” said the other dog.

Space Janitor knew that to get more info out of him, he would have to ask him a direct question. That would be the real test to see how together this dog was. He hoped it wouldn’t annoy him too much or cause problems. It seemed like a simple enough question, but at the same time, things never went simple for Space Janitor.

Space Janitor took a moment.

“How long have you been here?”


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Space Janitor 122 Space Janitor 122


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