Space Janitor 121 – Moved to smaller quarters

Space Janitor (121) tried to fight and get to the pit, but it was of no use. The guard dog was too mighty. Space Janitor couldn’t grip the floor. All he ended up with was paws full of dirt. Space Janitor was taken further and further away from the pit. He did not like to leave his fellow dog, but he was exhausted trying to claw his way back.

The guard dog, now accompanied by another one carried Space Janitor down a new tunnel. They had removed the Spenglactic from his back. Sharp stone scraped and clawed at him. He twisted and turned as it cut at him. Space Janitor yelped, but the guard dogs carrying him pretended not to hear. He felt his body give up, but his mind worked to return power to his limbs.

Space Janitor heard the whine of a door being open. He hit the ground with a splat. It still hurt, and he could feel the electricity of pain shoot up his body.

Space Janitor lay still for a moment. Regained his composure and his breath. He sat up where he was. It appeared to a prison cell. It was burrowed into a small alcove.

Space Janitor wasn’t alone.

Across from him on the other side of the bars, there was another dog. It was young by the looks of things and some weird crossbreed. Its eyes didn’t move, and they were fixed on Space Janitor.

Space Janitor smiled and heaved himself onto an upturned bucket. The dog in the other cell tracked Space Janitor’s movement. Never once did Space Janitor see the eyes blink.

Was this new dog friend or foe?


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Space Janitor 121 Space Janitor 121


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