Space Janitor 117 – Getting your bearings

“You scare Beagey,” the beagle said. The lips moved back to a resting position. Space Janitor (117) smiled and looked down at the ground. These dogs, he didn’t want to judge and he wasn’t trying to believe himself to be a genius by any stretch of the imagination. There was something primitive about them. It felt like there was a thin sheet of plastic coating the fierce aggression. The most gentle prodding would pierce the film.

“It was a joke Beagey. I want to help find the big bone. Couldn’t tell the masters. I’ll clean up after them. Help them clean,” Space Janitor said. Not that he knew many, but Space Janitor made a mental note not to use too many big words. As it was, he didn’t want to upset them. Not even slightly as it might lead to more trouble.
Beagey nodded and made his way back towards the lift. There was a guard dog at the elevator. It had a necklace with a card. The guard dog pressed the card to a panel. After a few moments, the lift doors opened. Beagey got on, the doors closed and it ascended. It looked like this was the only way out of the current predicament.
A guard dog thumped Space Janitor from behind. The force was significant enough to put Space Janitor off balance, but he did not go to ground. The guard dog pointed to a mound. Space Janitor nodded and got to work. He could make a run for it now and try and escape. He thought otherwise. There were many dogs around him. With a force like that he could take out the guard dogs.
How would he win them over?


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Space Janitor 117 Space Janitor 117

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