Space Janitor 116 – Changing tracks

Space Janitor (116) looked at the wretched dogs who were toiling away in the grim light. The beagle approached him, blocking his vision.

Space Janitor 116

“This is your new life now,” the beagle said.

“I don’t know what this is,” Space Janitor said.

“You have a pack, you don’t want to stray. You can clean here. Still do your job, you can stay happy. See,” said the beagle.

“You know it doesn’t count. You can’t keep me here like that,” said Space Janitor.

“Well, that’s what Den says. So you listen to him do what he says. Clean the mess. They gotta keep digging,” said the beagle. Space Janitor looked and saw the mounds of mess,

The garbage, the dust, it all mixed in together. It didn’t look like it was mechanical. The look puzzled Space Janitor. How did so much sand come to be on a space station? Where there, tides? Were there oceans?

“They look like they’ve been digging for a while. Must be tiring,” Space Janitor said.

As if on cue, one of the digging dogs collapsed. The beagle caught sight of this and signalled to some of the others. They dragged away the dog that collapsed.

“They keep digging until they get a big bone,” said the beagle nodding.

“A big bone? There isn’t one. You know that?” Space Janitor said.

The beagle’s eyes widened. His lips curled, revealing a row of yellow, chipped teeth.

“Who tell you?” the beagle asked.

The reaction confused Space janitor deeply. He wondered if the beagle was serious. Digging for a bone in some sand deposit didn’t sit right with him.

“No one told me. There’s a chance I’m wrong,” said Space Janitor. Would the beagle believe him?


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Space Janitor 116


Space Janitor 116 Space Janitor 116


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