Space Janitor 115 – Down the tube

They released Space janitor (115). There was a moment when he wondered if they had put it in place.

Space Janitor 115

“That’s the inhibitor put in,” said Spenglactic, “Don’t notice anything different right now. If there is something I notice before then, I’ll let you know. If it’s something more obvious, then you’ll know before me. Good luck and hope they didn’t do anything too nasty,”.

The dogs let go of Space Janitor and walked him over to a doorway. It led to a lift. The elevator interior was cramped. Primitive too in appearance. It was more akin to a cage than anything else. Only three other dogs escorted Space Janitor. One of them was the beagle.

Space Janitor felt the lift descend. The heat increased. The other dogs in the elevator began panting heavily.

“Tell me where you’re taking me,” Space Janitor demanded of them. There was no response. Space Janitor reached out to grab the beagle. It snarled, and Space Janitor pulled his hand away.

“Don’t matter where you go. Where you’re told, you’ll go. You do as alpha says. Thinking you’re smart won’t help you at all. Bark all you want. No one else’ll hear you,” said the beagle.

The lift stopped, the doors opened. Space Janitor found himself at the bottom. The bottom of a large pit. There were dogs there too. You could not see them clearly. You could make out their silhouettes in the dim light. What gave away the large numbers was the smell and the sound. There were such loud pants and howls it would almost make you go deaf.

The beagle led Space Janitor out. Was this to be the end of the line for him?


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Space Janitor 115

Space Janitor 115 Space Janitor 115


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