Space Janitor 114 – Recruitment drive

Space Janitor (114) was not long in contemplation. There were a few barks behind him. It sounded like they were communicating with each other. The barks were unfamiliar to him. There was no way for him to discern what was being said. If they were deciding Space Janitor’s fate, then he was none the wiser. Space Janitor was grateful for the small mercies.

Space Janitor 114

Denobol walked past Space Janitor, Shep followed too. Denobol stopped an turned to look at Space Janitor. Space Janitor locked eyes with Denobol.

Denobol snarled before giving the order.

“This one is young, he has a pack. Send him to the pit on clean up. Make sure you put an inhibitor on the pack,” Denobol said to the pack. They woofed in unison.

Denobol and Shep left the area.

Space Janitor looked around to see the dogs closing in. Their paws outstretched. Space Janitor considered resisting but aside from himself, he had no dog in this fight. He shook his shoulders to get the Spenglactic’s attention.

“Don’t bother me,” Spenglactic said.

“They’re putting an inhibitor chip on you. Doesn’t sound good,” said Space Janitor.

“Great, fantastic. You know, some first day this is turning out to be. You should have left me at the depot,”

“I should have stayed in the tube,” Space Janitor responded. “Looks like neither of us is in for a good day,”

The other dogs had laid paws on Space Janitor. Their grip was forceful even though he offered no resistance. Also though there was no conflict. It felt like there was an unnecessary roughness with how they dealt with him. Was this their first time touching someone, it felt that way. They clumsily grabbed hold of Space Janitor.

One of the dogs was fidgeting with the Spenglactic. Was this the inhibitor?


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Space Janitor 114

Space Janitor 114 Space Janitor 114


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