Space Janitor 113: A deal with Denobol

Space Janitor (113) turned to see what was happening.

Denobol was speaking low but could still be made out.

“Come on, stray with me, be a bad dog just for a day, you might like it,” Denobol said to Shep. “You think the masters will help you with the limp? Or is it coming out of your pay?”

Shep could not bring himself to look at Denobol. A smaller dog sniffed at Shep’s stump.

Space Janitor heard them speak.

“Come on, we can get you walking, running again,” said Denobol.

“They put down strays,” Shep responded.

“They put down leasers too,” Denobol retorted. “You’re thinking about it, am I right? I am, are you worried about that one? Don’t worry, sometimes leasers don’t show up when they come down here,”.

The conversation became a whisper.

Space Janitor struggled to hear. Looked at the other dogs around him. They appeared to be sleeping. Whatever was happening, Space Janitor didn’t like how it was. The heat was getting to him, and he shifted on his feet. He wasn’t sure what was going on.

Was Shep going to give up on him finally after all this time? It felt like it was going to go that way for him.

Space Janitor could see there may come the point when he would have to use the Spenglactic. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to use it on his fellow dogs. When he looked at them, he felt something akin to pity. When he felt pity, it was accompanied by guilt. There was no need to feel such an emotion.

Space Janitor looked at each of them in turn. What was to become of them, what was to become of him?


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Space Janitor 113 Space Janitor 113


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