Space Janitor 112 – Who is a good boy then?

“I don’t know if I would exactly call myself a good boy,” Space Janitor (112) responded to the sharp-dressed dog. Shep was puffing and panting, the heat was getting to him.

While Space Janitor couldn’t see him clearly, he could hear him. He wanted to prop him up. There was something in the sharp-dressed dog’s paws. It looked like a remote.

“Oh I bet you’re the goodest boy they have,” the sharp-dressed dog said to Space Janitor.

Space Janitor turned to Shep. Shep was sweating through his overalls. Poor Shep, from one extreme to the other.

“You’re probably wondering who I am, I’m Deobol,” the sharp-dressed dog said. The way he said it felt like it was supposed to land with more weight than it did. “I’m Deobol,” he said again.

“Hello Deobol,” said Space Janitor. Deobol looked mildly annoyed at the lack of reaction.

“This is where I’ve been hiding out from you guys all this time. I like to meet each of the packs that come down here. Your bosses never learn, do they? They don’t. Am I right?” said Deobol.

Space Janitor shrugged unsure of how to react. He kept still and his eyes locked on Deobol. He noticed the other dogs closing in around him.

“The thing is, maybe you want to go stray, for a day. You could even go a while longer if you play your cards right,” Deobol said. It was a whisper right in front of Space Janitor.

“Actually, Shep was talking about going stray earlier. I guess this is our chance then,” Space Janitor said.

Deobol looked over to Shep. Approached, held up his chin.

Shep looked up, locking eyes with Deobol.

“Is that so daddi-o?”


Would you mind reading from the beginning because it’s a fantastic place to start. You can find the first instalment of Space Janitor by clicking here.


Space Janitor 112 Space Janitor 112

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