Space Janitor 111 – Sharp-dressed dog

Space Janitor (111) struggled to focus on the dog approaching him and Shep. It was hard to make out.

What was it he was wearing? A charcoal grey pinstripe suit. Red tie, white shirt and there were spats nestled atop his black wingtips. The sharply dressed dog in front of him certainly made a statement. What the statement was, on the other hand, was hard to tell.

“Hello, hello and welcome to the show,” the sharp-dressed dog said to them.

Space Janitor and Shep said nothing. Space Janitor noticed Shep could not place his stump down on the ground properly. He could rest it for a moment before instinctively raising it again.

“Is there somewhere for my friend to sit down?” Space Janitor blurted out. It was clear the sharp-dressed dog was going to say something more. Space Janitor had put him off his flow.

“This one can’t wait to bark. Am I right?” the sharp-dressed dog before turning around. The other dogs did not react at first. The sharp-dressed dog eyeballed them then they got the hint. The company surrounding them all started laughing and barking in unison. There was something wrong about the whole thing.

Space Janitor waited for an answer to his request. The sharp-dressed dog looked Space Janitor in the eye.

“Your friend can sit. I bet you can too because that’s what you do. You get told to sit, and you do. You get told to beg, and you do. You’re probably what they call a good boy. Am I right?” The sharp-dressed dog’s eyes narrowed. Space Janitor wanted to look away, but something within him told him to stay locked.

“I said, they call you a good boy, right?” the sharp-dressed dog said.


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Space Janitor 111 Space Janitor 111

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