Space Janitor 110: The winding tunnels

Space Janitor (110) and Shep were paraded past the other mutts. Space Janitor didn’t like the word but could not think of a better one as he was being marched down the tunnels.

Some of them snarled, others snapped. Did they know? Were they capable of thoughts? Space Janitor struggled to make out what breeds they were. They had mixed in together forming something new, something dangerous.

The tunnel zigged and zagged. Space Janitor didn’t know how far they were going, it felt long-distance. Then there were moments when it felt like they were double backing on themselves.

Space Janitor managed to sneak a look behind him. All the other dogs followed. The dogs had not taken the Spenglactic from him. Space Janitor decided to see where they were being taken to first before chancing an escape.

The tunnel went down. Shep was quiet. In fact, everyone was quiet, it felt like a religious procession. Together in silent solemnity, all dogs united.

The tunnel narrowed, and everyone went single file. The ceiling came down to meet captives and captors. They had to crouch down. Progress slowed, and in the distance, there was the sound of grinding.

Space Janitor and Shep were lead through a hole into a larger room. There was a lot of smoke and in the centre, a read glowing. Turning cogs and gears cast large shadows on the walls flickering in front of Space Janitor’s eyes. Looking down, they stood on a broad platform. It was closer to a grating. Space Janitor could see far below. How far down did this go?

The dogs in their entourage got excited. Tails wagged as the silhouette of a dog loomed closer. Who was it now?


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Space Janitor 110 Space Janitor 110

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