Space Janitor 109 – Barking orders

Shep looked at Space Janitor (109), surprised at the young pups balls. Shep knew if word got out, he would be spayed for sure.

The beagle furrowed his brow. So many lines appeared on his forehead.

“If you don’t understand then you are to be sent to the pits,” the beagle said.

“We have been sent here to clear you out,” Shep spoke up.

“There is no need for that. This is our home. Where we have to go? You cannot chase us off because we don’t want to run,” said the beagle.

“We could take this one on,” said Space Janitor. The beagle barked, but Space Janitor held his nerve. Stepped toward the beagle and readied a nozzle on the Spenglactic. He wasn’t too sure what it would do, but it was better than nothing. Around the corner, unseen by Space Janitor, there was the sound of feet.

“The dog is weak alone. The pack is strong together. You could beat this one, but you could not beat all. You are strays, waiting to be brought to the pound. We have no masters,” the beagle said.

Space Janitor could hear the panting of other dogs. They were ready to pounce. Some could be heard pacing around.

Space Janitor, for the first time feeling like he could fight, relented. He let out a loud sigh, and the beagle smiled. He had won this round.

Space Janitor felt if there was around two, he would have the upper hand. Space Janitor’s paw came away from the nozzle of the Spenglactic.

Shep hobbled ahead of him towards the beagle. Space Janitor followed.

When they turned the corner, they could see there were many other dogs. Dogs of different breeds, ages and temperaments.

Had they made the right choice?


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Space Janitor 109 Space Janitor 109

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