Space Janitor 108 – The beagle has landed

Space Janitor (108) could hear the sound of something being dragged along the ground. It was coming from around the corner behind him. Space Janitor noticed his shoulders were narrow, and his breath was shallow. He had to consciously lower his shoulders and deepen the breathes he took. He did not know whether to turn around or not.

Space Janitor 108

Space Janitor took a big gulp and turned to face the corner.

There was some more dragging when what should appear from around the corner. It was a very old beagle. It’s face drooped, cheeks jowled. Underneath folds of skin Space Janitor could make out sunken bloodshot eyes.

The beagle carried a long lead pipe. It wore rags for clothing. Poorly sewn patchwork either by arthritic hands or digits not suited for the task.

Space Janitor looked to Shep and shrugged. Shep gave Space Janitor a nod. Now, Space Janitor wasn’t sure what the nodding meant. On some level Space Janitor doubted Shep knew what he meant either.

Space Janitor turned back around to the beagle.

“Can we help you at sir?” Space Janitor offered to the bandaged beagle. The beagle, whether deaf in old age ore trying to intimidate made no response.

Space Janitor stepped forward, and the beagle barked. Barking with such ferocity Space Janitor could feel it rattle the marrow fo his bones.

Space Janitor instinctively jumped back. His breath shallowed, his body vibrating. Paws curled, ready for action.

“Understand me. you are prisoner now,” the beagle said. Half speech, half bark. Shep and Space Janitor got the idea.

Space Janitor looked at Shep, signalling. Space Janitor hadn’t been around too long but knew they could take him.

“What if we don’t understand?” Space Janitor said.


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Space Janitor 108 Space Janitor 108

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