Space Janitor 106- Time for a lunch break

“Now,” Shep turned to Space Janitor (106). “Now we take a lunch break,” Shep said, plonking himself down on a nearby chair.

Space Janitor 106

Space Janitor regarded him suspiciously. Shep sat in front of a dormant control panel unmoving. He head stooped, and his breathing slowed.

Space Janitor approached cautiously. He wanted to see what Shep was doing. He couldn’t see Shep’s face well.

Space Janitor pulled on the chair Shep was in. Shep jostled in his place. Opened his eyes and looked up at Space Janitor.

“Leave me alone, please. I don’t want to talk shop when I’m not on duty,” said Shep. He spun his chair around, facing away from Space Janitor. Space Janitor took the hint went and sat at another chair. He kept his eyes glued to the back of Shep’s head. The clicking persisted from somewhere nearby.

It echoed and reverberated. Where the sound was coming from. What exactly Shep was up to, Space Janitor did not know.

Shep stirred in his chair. Cleared his throat then stretched out. He spun around in the chair to face Space Janitor. Shep’s expression had changed. Was Shep happy, he kind of looked that way. Space Janitor found it unsettling.

“Hope you enjoyed your lunch,” Shep said.

“I didn’t have anything, neither did you,” Space Janitor responded.

“True but it’s up to us what we do with our free time. I’m not going to say to you we have to eat food on our lunch. Am I hungry, absolutely. Do I wish I had the smallest morsel, you bet. Am I salivating at the prospect? You know I am. The thing is our fellow four-leggers died to give us the right to eat. Now, shall we press on?”


Would you mind reading from the beginning because it’s a fantastic place to start. You can find the first instalment of Space Janitor by clicking here.

Space Janitor 106 Space Janitor 106

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