Space Janitor 105 – Clicks in the darkness

Space Janitor (105) and Shep moved forward through the tunnel. The howling of the wind reminded the two of the presence of the dust cloud. If it was settling, the two of them were none the wiser. Somewhere up ahead of them, there was a smell of oil. Some kind of fuel source at least. Old fashioned, quaint.

Space Janitor 105

Space Janitor breathed in deeply and made himself dizzy. There was a clicking sound coming from a direction, but it changed from moment to moment.

The two walked forward. There was no obstruction. Despite the appearance of some slickness, the ground was not slippy. There were lights overhead too. While it wasn’t exactly well lit, there was enough illumination to allow for a confident walk.

Shep led the way. He had stopped limping and was dragging his wounded leg along the ground. He would occasionally catch it on something and yelp.

Space Janitor would have offered to carry him, but the weight of Spenglactic was enough.

The Spenglactic chimed in.

“My adaptors will need to be looked at after this,” Spenglactic informed Space Janitor. Space Janitor nodded.

“Say Spenglactic,” Shep started. “Do you think you could translate those clicks? There’s a pattern to them. Might be able to help us out,”

“I can’t translate non-mechanical clicks,” Spenglactic responded promptly.

“They’re biological then,” Shep said matter of factly.

“Tomato/tomato,” said Spenglactic.

“I didn’t realise vegetables could speak,” Space Janitor interjected.

“He means it’s from some living being,” Shep said. “There are watchers”. Don’t look round, don’t panic,” Shep sighed. “I said, don’t look around and don’t panic. Eyes forward and keep going towards that little alcove up ahead,”

The two came to an area. Looked like an old communications station.

Space Janitor looked at Shep.

“Now what?”


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Space Janitor 105 Space Janitor 105

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