Space Janitor 104 – Below the surface

“More darkness, fantastic,” said Space Janitor (104). Shep did not respond. They could see through slats above them the red dust was still whipping about. Was it calming down? Would it ever settle? Space Janitor thought to himself.

Space Janitor 104

Shep wheezed beside him. He was still bent over, arms bracing the legs. He coughed out some of the red mist.

“Are you OK? Here let me help,” Space Janitor.

Space Janitor gave Shep a solid thump on the back, bringing up more of the red mist.

“Inhaling razors would have been easier,” Shep shouted. Space Janitor kept on thumping. Shep caught his hand and placed it to the side. “Thank you, I’m good,” Space Janitor nodded but gave one final thump. You know, to make sure. “Hey, didn’t you hear me? Enough”.

Shep stood upright. He observed his surroundings and nodded.

“Well, you did the right thing. Getting us out of that. We need to work out if it’s a landing or a take-off. That way we’ll know how much time we have left. As long as we get to a terminal, we can see the itinerary. Is itinerary the right word? Landings and take-offs, you know? I can barely see let alone think straight”.

“Will there be one down here? It looks like there’s not much down here,” said Space Janitor

“There’s always something down here. Station used to have full-blown maintenance towns down here. That’s what they thought led to the formation of the groups,”

Space Janitor nodded along, not having a clue what Shep was talking about.

“We can stay here and hope what’s happening up there dies off, or we can go forward and hope for the best. I’m not one for hanging around,” Shep said.

Space Janitor nodded.

“Where to?”


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Space Janitor 104 Space Janitor 104

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