Space Janitor 103 – Spenglactic saves the day (again)

Space Janitor (103) watched the ship waver and falter as it went upwards. The ship disappeared. Enveloped by the red mist whipping overhead. Space Janitor’s head was pulled back down to the ground. He crawled forward. Looking around, he could see Shep struggling behind.

Space Janitor 103

Space Janitor reached to the Spenglactic. He hoped it would be able to offer a solution. Otherwise, they were doomed.

Space Janitor thumbed a button on the Spenglactic. It came to life.

“What the hell have you got us into this time?” Spenglactic sputtered.

“Some dust storm,” Space Janitor wheezed back.

“You need me to sort you out again, don’t you? Yes,” said Spenglactic. There was a power-up sound.

Let me take a moment to say I know it feels like the Spenglactic is a literal deus ex machina, but I swear it’s not. This is how it actually happened.

Anyway, back to the story.

There was a sucking followed by a boom.

Spenglactic had sucked in all the dust within their radius. Forced it out, creating a brief bubble of the clean atmosphere.

Space Janitor took it in and looked around. He saw Shep hunched over trying to breathe. Space Janitor went and grabbed him. Pulled him close and looked in the clean area.

The dust was already closing in, and soon they would be back to square one.

Space Janitor saw a hatch on the ground. He didn’t know where it would lead to, but he owed it to himself to find out at least. The alternative was to be swallowed by the dust once more.

Space Janitor placed Shep in front of him and guided him towards the hatch in the ground.

With some effort, he was able to get it open. The two descended into the dark. Where were they?


Would you mind reading from the beginning because it’s a fantastic place to start. You can find the first instalment of Space Janitor by clicking here.

Space Janitor 103 Space Janitor 103

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