Space Janitor 102: Prepare for dust off

Space Janitor (102) turned to Shep and shrugged.

Space Janitor 102

“It looks like we’ve landed,” Space Janitor said. Space Janitor tugged at the door, it wouldn’t budge.

“Don’t be in such a rush, OK?” Shep scolded Space Janitor. Shep got up. He was still hobbling, but it would do for now. There was a moment when he wasn’t too sure if he should try and at least attach the foot.

Space Janitor watched Shep navigate the cabin. Space Janitor was concerned for his coworker. Neither did he want to risk anything by dawdling on the job. He tried to make an excellent first impression with his employers.

The door of the transport opened. It had landed, but the question now was where. The red mist contaminated the cabin. It coated everything it touched with a fine film of particles.

Space Janitor could feel it get into his airways. He coughed and gripped his chest. If he spent long in the environment, it would suffocate him. His lungs would become leaden with the powder.

Space Janitor looked over to Shep. It was taking a toll on him too. There was no way either of them could get out of the transport, let alone do the job. Had they been sent here to die.

The two cleaners were doubled over in the cabin of the transport. A voice came over. Cold, robotic and unaffected by the dust.

“Please disembark,” it commanded.

Space Janitor wheezed and crawled off the ramp.

“Please disembark,” it repeated.

Space Janitor grabbed Shep and pulled him out of the transport. The transport’s doors shut.

There was the sound of the engine firing up. It spluttered as it made its way upwards.

Space Janitor could see it struggle. Was the machine faltering?


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Space Janitor 102 Space Janitor 102

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