Space Janitor 101 – Red and Mistified

Space Janitor (101) shrugged at Shep. He had no idea how they were supposed to attach the foot. It would be another task for them to perform.

Space Janitor 101

Space Janitor felt useless. Everything he did to try and make things better only ended up making things worse.

“Look pup it’s not your fault. You’re doing what you can,” Shep said to Space Janitor. He could see the disappointment in his eyes.

“Maybe I could use the machine again to make something we can attach it with,” Space Janitor said. His voice was full of hope.

“You know what pup don’t worry about it. You have helped me so much. I am thankful. I know you might not feel like I do but trust me when I say, I do. What we need to do is get ready for the dust off. Can you see out the window?” Shep asked.

Space Janitor went to a small window in the top corner of the cabin. He stood as tall as he could to see out. There was nothing out there. There was a thick red fog. Impenetrable to Space Janitor’s eyes. There was no sign of anything out there.

“Well?” Shep asked. Space Janitor turned to Shep.

“There’s nothing out there. Some kind of red mist. I can’t see through it,” Space Janitor said.

“Red mist. Great. Either means there’s been a set down or a take-off. No matter which it is, our work has been cut out for us, again,” said Shep. Shep had the foot and was looking at it in a puzzled manner. He tapped the bottom of his stump. Winced in pain. Feeling was returning.

Shep put the foot in his overalls.

The transport bumped and swayed more.

“Have we landed,” Shep asked.


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Space Janitor 101 Space Janitor 101

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