Space Janitor 099 – Transition period

Shep looked at Space Janitor (099) with astonishment.

Space Janitor 099

“You really are a new pup, aren’t you?” said Shep. He shrugged and got on board. Space Janitor followed him. “You’re not even thinking about what’s in store,” Shep let it hang in the air. The inside of the transport was spacious enough for the two of them. There was a seat for both of them.

The transport door closed. A slight rocking indicated the transport had taken off.

Space Janitor saw there was some dispenser. He knew it would give out some form of sustenance. The question was in the how.

Shep looked at Space Janitor and smiled.

“If you go over, press the button and say what you want, it’ll make it happen,” said Shep. “Of course, try the Margetanian trout, it’s pretty good,”

Space Janitor looked round to Shep.

“It can make anything?” Space Janitor asked, eyes off in the middle distance, thinking of infinite possibilities.

“Yeah, pretty much. Don’t be asking for a Remical Sky Whale. This transport is tight enough as it is. Plus it can’t give life. So, keep that in mind,” Shep sat back on the chair.

Shep wanted to get some rest before they got to the next place. To be frank, he also wanted to ignore Space Janitor for a bit too.

Space Janitor got up and approached the device. Pressed the button as instructed and leaned in to speak to the device. Space Janitor licked his lip. A well of droll formed at the side of his mouth. In all the morning excitement he had not eaten, and his stomach made him aware of this.

Space Janitor looked round to Shep.

Shep was dozing, but his ears were still alert. He could hear Space Janitor whisper. What was he doing?


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Space Janitor 099 Space Janitor 099

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