Space Janitor 096 – The growing shadow

“They don’t get mad,” Shep said to Space Janitor (096). “What they do is make sure it goes onto your account, so you have no chance of getting free. Think of it as deferred billing.”

Space Janitor and Shep made their way out the door. When they got to the other side, the station went about its business. There was no acknowledgement of what had gone on the other side of the doors. They were finally out in the artificial sunlight.

Space Janitor felt good as the rays hit him. He looked to see Shep who hobbled along beside him. They took a moment and sat down on the steps, unsure of what to do next. Space Janitor took of the Spenglactic and lay down on the steps. The sharp corners dug into his spine, but at the moment, he didn’t care. He was glad to be warm.

The warmth dropped.

A shadow grew overhead.

Space Janitor’s eyes opened and looked up. Something was heading their way. Shep stood up.

Space Janitor joined him and stood upright. The vehicle, small, sharp and shiny landed in front of them.

A side hatch opened up revealing the Great Dane. The ship was too small for his stature. It rocked violently as the Great Dane scrambled out.

Space Janitor and Shep stood to attention as the Great Dane made his way towards them.

He began talking to them, but he was at too much of a distance to be heard. By the time he got to them all that they could make out that they were to make some kind of decision about something.

“Well, is it number one, or is it number two?” the great Dane asked.

Space Janitor looked at Shep. Shep shrugged.

“Number 2?” said Space Janitor. The Great Dane smiled at Space Janitor and nodded. “Did I choose right?”


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Space Janitor 096 Space Janitor 096