Space Janitor 095: For the crater good

“You know what, probably,” Shep said to Space Janitor (095).

“Where do we start?” Space Janitor asked, looking around.

Space Janitor watched as a chandelier fell from the ceiling. He held an arm out to halt Shep. The fixture fell shattering in front of them. Glass was sent flying and bounced off their limbs.

“Let’s see if there’s any back up alright?” Shep asked Space Janitor. “If there isn’t, then we’ll have to see what our best option is. You know I’m without a paddle, and your one looks like it’s out of juice. We’re not that useful in general and to be honest, I don’t think they’ll look too kindly on this. We shouldn’t get fined. We shouldn’t. You know what we might,” Shep looked about and saw all the damage that had been done.

The two continued towards the entrance. Shep rolled his head around until he heard a distinct crack. He laughed at the relief he felt.

Space Janitor focused his attention on the door. An enormous crater in the floor of the entrance. It went down several levels. There was, even more, to clean up than he first thought. This would take years if it were left up to the two of them. Would there be any support? Space Janitor gulped at the prospect.

They circumnavigated the hole in the floor and made it to the door. Shep and Space Janitor turned and gave the room one last look.

“You know we could run from this,” Shep said. A smile crept onto his face. “If they caught us, it would mean death, but we wouldn’t have to clean anymore,”

“You need to get some medical attention Shep. You’ve been cold too long, let’s see what they say. Do you think they’ll be mad?”


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Space Janitor 095 Space Janitor 095

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