Space Janitor 094- Return to the surface

Space Janitor (094) decided that it would not be in anyone’s interest to start asking questions. His constant need to pry could grate on some people, and he understood their irritation.

Space Janitor decided to hold back on speaking for now. All that mattered is that they climb the ladders and hope that their ordeal was at an end.

Shep climbed up and was out. When Space Janitor emerged from the hole in the ground, Shep was on his back. His hands were gripped, and Space Janitor could see that the older dog was trying to unclench his fists. Shep’s eyes were open, but they did not blink. Were it not for the rapid expansion and deflation of his chest Space Janitor would think him dead.

Space Janitor sank to the ground too but didn’t lie down. Instead, he bowed his head down between his legs and breathed deep. Space Janitor closed his eyes. In his mind, the events raced through his head. Strobaspocis freeze frames of traumatic events etched into his mind.

Space Janitor could hear himself bark at the memories. They were just memories, nothing to be afraid of. Space Janitor lifted his head.

Shep lay on for a moment longer. He blinked, Space Janitor knew he was back in the room. Shep rolled onto his front. Heaved himself to his feet and stretched himself out.

“We should probably get out of here. Management doesn’t like it when we screw around on the job.

“OK, back out the main entrance, do you know the way?” Space Janitor asked. Shep grunted.

As they made their way back to the front door, they registered the carnage that had been left behind.

“Do we not need to stay and clean this up. Look, tables overturned. Is this not our job?”


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Space Janitor 094 Space Janitor 094

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