Space Janitor 093 – After the flood

Space Janitor (093) forced his whole body forward. The last remnants of the water washed pash him. The cavernous tunnel was empty. Devoid of movement. Space Janitor could hear Shep catching his breath. He was wheezing hard.

Space Janitor reached out for the ladder and grabbed on.

“Shep are you still with me?” Space Janitor asked. He was concerned for the older dog. He had been put through it today. Space Janitor didn’t want to annoy him too much more. This had been his fault.

“I’m still here. What else do you think could happen today? Do you think the whole station will self destruct? This hasn’t been a great day,” Shep confided in Space Janitor.

“I’m sorry. We’ll have to get out of here. All we need to do is climb the ladder. Do you think you can do it?” Space Janitor asked, looking up at Shep. Space Janitor reached and took the Spenglactic from Shep.

Shep shrugged and then put a hand in front of the other and ascended as best he could. It was a slow climb, but Space Janitor was glad that it was almost over.

Space Janitor had managed to get Spenglactic onto his back. It had not made a sound in a while, and for now, Space Janitor didn’t concern himself.

“I hope you’re alright Spenglactic,” Space Janitor said to himself quietly. He didn’t want Shep to hear him talking to the pack. In fact, he did want Shep hearing much of anything. Space Janitor knew that he should value the silence. What more could he do, what more could he ask?

At the same time, Space Janitor didn’t want Shep to feel neglected. There was a chance that Shep was hurting more than he could fathom but would asking about it help anyone?


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Space Janitor 093 Space Janitor 093

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