Space Janitor 092 – Wash over me now

Space Janitor (092) found there was a considerable amount of force flushed through. Space Janitor felt himself being battered along by the massive outpouring of liquid.

It took all his strength to hang on. He tried to look up to Shep during this only it was to no avail. All he could see was was a dark foam, and all he could hear was a thunderous cacophony of roaring waters.

Shep was doing well to hold on. Space Janitor was dragged back. He gripped tighter to the nozzle and ever so slightly slid his hand forward. Space Janitor made inconsequential progress. He had to persist. This would be a good chance for him to get it done. When the flood died off, he would be hanging. A victim to the laws of gravity.

Space Janitor recognised that he needed to stay gripped to the nozzle pipe. If he were to go big, then he would lose the grip of one hand. and The other would follow. Who knows where he would end up.

With his other hand, Space Janitor had it follow the leading hand. He was working his way up closer to the pack. It was undoubtedly thorough if nothing else. Space Janitor hoped it would end.

Space Janitor got his wish.

The water flow was subsiding. Space Janitor felt himself fall a further. Now was the chance to get further along. He could afford to take a leap. It would mean that he ran the risk of falling off. Carried by the current. The alternative was to hope that Shep did not slip and would be able to hold his body weight a little longer.

Space Janitor did not want to risk it. Would he be able to catch hold?


Would you mind reading from the beginning because it’s a fantastic place to start. You can find the first instalment of Space Janitor by clicking here.

Space Janitor 092 Space Janitor 092

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