Space Janitor 091 – The coming deluge

Space Janitor (091) looked up and saw the window of opportunity closing. Shep was getting further away, and the sound behind him was becoming louder.

“This might work,” Space Janitor said pulling out the cleaning nozzle as far as it would go. Space Janitor checked the back of the pack. The bar showed the power was gone almost completely. “You have a bit of juice left,” said Space Janitor. “Can I use it?”

“Wow, you gotta promise me that you’ll recharge me at some point,” Spenglactic sounded worried.

“I will,” said Space Janitor. He raised his voice to compete with the rising volume of the purging wave. It was almost on them.

“You’ll not exchange me for a better model?” Spenglactic said in a voice, pleading.

“Promise, I promise,” said Space Janitor. He heard the tidal flow crashing behind him.

“Recorded,” Spenglactic responded. “Tell him to catch. You stay here and hang onto the nozzle otherwise surfs up”.

Space Janitor looked up to Shep.

“Shep catch Spenglactic,” Shep didn’t look like he could hear what was being said. “OK Speng, go for it,”

Spenglactic powered up and boosted launching up into the air. It was a short hop, but it went past Shep who missed.

Shep grasped frantically for the pack on its way down. It sailed past him. Shep managed to get his paws on a loop. The weight wrenched Shep down. Shep was sandwiched between a rung. His body wrapped around a rung must have hurt, but he would have to hold on.

Space Janitor held onto the nozzle and hoped it would be enough. The cleansing rush of liquid swallowed the light and darkness prevailed. The sheer force of the water had him lifted until he was parallel to the floor.

How much force was there?


Would you mind reading from the beginning because it’s a fantastic place to start. You can find the first instalment of Space Janitor by clicking here.

Space Janitor 091 Space Janitor 091

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