Space Janitor 090 – Ladder to where?

“Are you alright?” Space Janitor (090) asked.

Shep blinked fast and then rubbed his temples.

“I’m good, you? We need to get out of here,” said Shep.

“Can you move buddy?” said the Spenglactic. The use of the word “buddy” caught both Space Janitor and Shep off guard. What was the little pack up to?

“I can move,” said Space Janitor. He got up to his feet. Shep helped him steady himself. The two/three of them made their way back to the ladders. The two waded out into the centre of the water. It got deep in the middle.

Space Janitor reached the ladders, but he stepped aside.

“You go first Shep,” Space Janitor said. Shep obliged and climbed on the ladder. No sooner had Shep set his hands on the ladder than it lifted from the floor. Raising up carrying Shep. Space Janitor remained in the dirty water.

“What the?” Shep shouted, surprised by the recoiling ladder system. “Pup, grab on.” Shep was getting himself as low as he could get. Upside down hanging arms outstretched, Shep beckoned to the Space Janitor. Space Janitor impotently jumped to try and reach him to no avail.

“Speng, can you give me some kind of boost?” Space Janitor asked.

“After all I gave you, and you still want more?” said Spenglactic.

There was a deep rumbling coming from somewhere in the caver.

“Oh, OK, I know where we are now,” said Spenglactic. “We’re in one of the understation sewer systems. It’s been out of commission for a couple of cycles.

“Thank goodness for that,” said Space Janitor.

“Oh, don’t be sighing relief just yet. They still need to purge it regularly.”

“Fantastic news,” Space Janitor said looking up to Shep. How was he going to get up to him?


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Space Janitor 090 Space Janitor 090

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