Space Janitor 087 – On a lonely shore

Shep didn’t want to get his hopes up, but it sounded like the little Space Janitor (087) Spenglactic. There it was again as usual chirping in, uninvited as usual. Shep was glad to hear that annoying accent reverberate.

Shep made his way over. He let out a short howl.

“Shadup! Some of us are trying to sleep here!” the Spenglactic shouted. Shep was able to work out where it was coming from, roughly. Shep crawled and scraped his way through the garbage. The garbage was a small series of hills but Shep was able to scramble over the top of them.

Over the crest, he could see the lights of the Spenglactic pack. He could see the outline of the Space Janitor. Shep could see that the Space Janitor appeared to be out for the count. Shep got beside him. Now the tables had turned, he considered removing part of a limb so they would be equal. Shep flushed the thought from his mind. If he felt the urge to settle the score, he would do so at a more appropriate time.

Now was not the time.

Shep looked down at Space Janitor.

“What happened?” Shep asked.

“How am I supposed to know?” Spenglactic replied. “I don’t got no sensors or nothing. Ask him.”

“Is he dead?” Shep asked.

“Again, I don’t know these things, I’m not what you would call an expert.”

“And the gunk?”

“Buddy!” the Spenglactic blurted out. “How many times have I got to explain it to you? I don’t know, alright? All I know is that we were covered in the stuff then the next thing I know, we weren’t. Do you follow?”

“We’ll have to get a move on,” said Shep.

“Fantastic idea. One problem, how exactly do you plan to do that?”


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Space Janitor 087 Space Janitor 087

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