Space Janitor 084 – Down we go

Shep was scared and felt the fear grip his throat. Despite his fear, he would have to ignore it and make some effort to find his fellow Space Janitor(084).

Even if he could not find the Space Janitor, a mercenary thought entered his head. The idea that he might be able to get access on his pack. It was a voice-activated one. It definitely had some form of personality matrix installed. If he could negotiate with it, then he might stand a fighting chance.

A wash of guilt flooded Shep’s neurons. Was he wrong to think that? It must be a bad thought. It had been a long while since he had felt a lousy feeling. His canine ancestry lived on in his cranium. Even though the corporations had done all that they could to root it out.

He grasped the rung of the ladder and began to climb down. They were slippy, and he clung tight to the ladder. One misplaced step and this would take a while. If he were to make a wrong move or if the gunk was still active and were to envelop him that would be the worst. In no uncertain terms, Shep would be buggered.

Despite all his intelligence and ability, he was still a mutt. Calling himself a mutt in his own mind caused him pain. Dif the Space Janitor feel the same pang of misery at being called mutt. Whether he did or did not was irrelevant. Shep didn’t like it when he was called it a mutt so it would be unfair to carelessly call the Space Janitor mutt.

Water dripped, it took a few moments for him to hear the splash. Shep was aware that he was descending into a large cavern. How big could it get?


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Space Janitor 084 Space Janitor 084

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