Space Janitor 082 – Crawling Out

Shep crawled to the threshold. Where was the little Space Janitor (082) who helped him? He should have been kinder to him. It was too late for that now. If he saw him again then he would make an effort to be kinder to him. At the same time though the mutt, the pup did melt off his foot didn’t he? Shep struggled to remember what happened to his foot. He was certain he had both feet before he went to sleep and then whenever he woke up it was gone. It was more than likely to be the Space Janitor.

Either way he would get to the bottom of things if the two of them got out of here alive. It was looking unlikely.

Shep felt his way forward the ice thinned and he felt it turning to water. He was outside the freezer and in the ante-chamber. He wasn’t being digested by gunk so whatever the Space Janitor did worked. Did he sacrifice himself? That would be most unnesecary.

Shep could feel his lashes becoming looser. He tried to loosen them up but they were still stiff.

Shep didn’t know whether to linger or remain. He wasn’t being activley atacked which was good. Shep would risk moving forward. The ground was sticky to the touch.

His paws felt electric as blood flow resumed regular service.

Shep called out for the mutt. He couldn’t remember the name. Shep opted for repeating “Hey,” in the hopes that the other Space Janitor knew it was him being addressed.

Shep’s voice was too weak to be heard. The room was cavernous. There were many other background sounds, like dripping, for example. I’d go on but you get the idea.

Shep came to the edge of something. There was a hole in the middle of the floor. Shep wondered, had it always been there?


Would you mind reading from the beginning because it’s a fantastic place to start. You can find the first instalment of Space Janitor by clicking here.

Space Janitor 082 Space Janitor 082

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