Space Janitor 081 – Shep Alone

Shep thought of the plucky Space Janitor (081) with the familiar face. In truth, whether this was a repurposed model or a brand new one based on a classic design, it didn’t matter. Shep was thankful that it was bringing him along. If it were down to him, he would be part of the menu.

Shep was trying to think what compelled him to go into the freezer. Was it some form of desperation? Looking back, Shep liked to think of himself as somewhat of a smart dog. He had a keen nose. At least he hoped he still had a nose. If he could open his eyes, then he would be able to see a little more clearly. However, as it were his eyes were still stuck together. His paws were bundled in his pits. He gave them a subtle flex to see if he could even move them. Shep could move his hands, but the fluids in his joints were becoming more solid over time.

Shep’s entire body vibrated, and he could feel it going on forever. What would this mean for him? Where was the mutt? He knew he shouldn’t call this new pup a mutt, but then he didn’t call it pup either. What it was exactly, he wasn’t sure. There was something that didn’t sit right. In all likelihood, Shep wasn’t sitting right at all. He could feel his arse and tail go numb. There was no noise around him. There was the wind that became loud as he was able to discern the doorway was narrow, open a sliver.

Shep had not heard anything. He did not know if his ears ceased functioning. He was going to take a chance and wander out and hope that he could open his eyes. Would he see again?


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Space Janitor 081 Space Janitor 081

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