Space Janitor 073

“Will that help?” asked Space Janitor (073).

“Of course it will help, how come you got to ask? Have I steered you wrong at all so far?” Spenglactic reproached.

“When you’re on,” Space Janitor replied.

“That’s not fair, and you know it. I’m always on, and I just want to make sure that we’re both doing the right thing. Now plug me in” said Spenglactic.

Space Janitor did as he was told and hooked up a wire from Spenglactic into the designated slot. Spenglactic made a blipping sound. There was a bit of a pause, and then the lights came on the console. It appeared that what Spenglactic promised it would do was done.

The transport’s engine shuddered to life. The lights came on, and Spenglactic retracted the wire back in.

“Right prop up the other one and let’s get out of here,”.

Space Janitor moved Shep into position. The lights were fading out on the console as Space Janitor manoeuvred Shep.

“Something’s happening,” Space Janitor said.

“Like what,” said Spenglactic.

“The lights are getting darker. The powers failing.”

“It’ not failing, we have a small window. There’s no way I can stay plugged in while you steer. Gave the thing a little boost. Have to make sure that we can get outta here by then. You thought we were just gonna coast on out?” Spenglactic belted.

Space Janitor spoke into Sheps ear. He told him that it was up to him to steer. Shep nodded, but Space Janitor didn’t know if any of what he said registered. Space Janitor positioned himself on the flat of the transport. He turned the settings on the Spenglactic to the specifications as instructed.

Space Janitor locked his feet in place. Squeezed on the handle, the heat was intense, but there was no movement.

“Are we clear?” Spenglacti enquired.


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Space Janitor 073 Space Janitor 073

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