Space Janitor 070

“Well?” Space Janitor (070) whispered louder.

“We still got this it’s all good,” said Spenglactic. “You got to get him moving though”

“Shep, it’s time to move,” said Space Janitor.

“Just let me rest awhile,” Shep said. His body stooped over.

“No, no, we have a job to do. Let’s get your pack. Where is it? ” Space Janitor asked.

“It just got so heavy. I took it off only for a little while. Only a little” said Shep his voice trailing off. Wind rushed through the freezer. The doors had been left open too long and now the motors were kicking in. Spenglactic’s sensor picked it up.

“Kid, you gotta get that old dog moving. This place is going to drop even harder if we don’t vamoose.” Spenglactic informed. Space Janitor nodded to himself and grabbed onto Shep. There were scattered parts of the pack near the shelf Shep had been sleeping on.

“Your pack Shep. It’s smashed to bits. What happened?” Space Janitor said looking at the parts on the ground.

“It wouldn’t work for me,” Shep said pleading. “It wouldn’t work. So I got an.” There he was trailing off again.

“That’s going to be a problem,” said Spenglactic. “Before you ask, lemme explain. Coded the packs. To each of you, personally. He can’t use yours. I was hoping we coulda propped him up. He coulda propelled us out of here. Looks like that’s not going to be the case. He’s going to have to drive. You’re going to have to be the propulsion and trust in him.”

“He’ll crash,” said Space Janitor. His voice flat monotone.

A cold blast hit Space Janitor, shrinking his posture down to a huddle. He gripped Shep tight. If he let him go he might not ever get him back.

“Shep, Shep, can you hear me?” Space Janitor shouted competing with the roar of the wind.

“What is it?” Shep asked.

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Space Janitor 070 Space Janitor 070

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