Space Janitor 069

Space Janitor (069) looked and made an estimated guess.

“There’s some, we won’t know until we try” Space Janitor replied.

“Let’s get back to Hopalong Cassidy,” said Spenglactic.

Space Janitor returned to find Shep was leant over a shelf. If he was moving, it was imperceptible to most eyes that could see in the infrared spectrum.

Space Janitor approached Shep. Reaching out a hand to touch him. Space Janitor hesitated.


“What’s the matter now?” asked Spenglactic. “His ears freeze off?”

“Huh, what, yeah,” said Shep. He moved away. Turning around to face the direction of Space Janitor’s voice. “I’m blind too, did you melt my eyes too?”

“Your lids are frozen shut.” said Space janitor. Subtle spiky spears coated Shep’s lashes. “Further reason to get you out of here now.”

“If I get out of here in on piece. You know what too late. If I somehow manage to escape without further loss of appendage I think it’ll be a miracle.” said Shep. His voice was hoarse. Horse as in the sound not as in Seabiscuit. Do you know what I mean? I guess I haven’t established what other kinds of domesticated animals are sentient. There’s a chance that it has not been confirmed yet. At the moment, for the meantime, it doesn’t matter. What I’m cack handedly trying to get across to you is that Shep’s condition was worsening. Is that a word in your time? Leave it a few years.

“Hold on, he’s blind?” Spenglactic asked.

“No, his eyelids have frosted over,” said Space Janitor.

“You’re going to need him seeing,” said Spenglactic. “Can you defrost them?”.

Space Janitor reached out. The ice was solid. It stuck those lids closed tight. He tugged a little on the lashes.

“Ouch, is that you?” asked Shep.

“No, it’s the wind,” Space Janitor replied. Shep grunted back. “Space Janitor whispered to the Spenglactic, “Now what do we do?”

Would you mind reading from the beginning because it’s a fantastic place to start. You can find the first instalment of Space Janitor by clicking here.

Space Janitor 069 Space Janitor 069


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