Space Janitor 068

Space Janitor (068) stood and wondered if it was his turn to speak.

Thankfully for him, Spenglactic took the lead.

“We need to get out of here and take that gunk head-on. I’m aware gunk don’t have bodies let alone heads, but you catch my drift right? I can take the cold. You guys get a little chilly, and you start napping. A walk in this big, there has to some kind of entree transport. Look around, also keep an eye out for your foot.” Spenglactic sounded official yet authoritative.

Shep’s shoulders slumped down, and he hobbled along, looking to see if there was a spare foot lying around.

“Thanks for defending me there. I appreciate it.” Space Janitor whispered to Spenglactic.

“Eh, don’t worry about it. Look there’s several modules worth of upgrades I want to experience. It’s not going to happen if I get mistaken for some kind of metallic noodle in this freezer. Let’s find some kind of transport. It’ll have wheels and some kind of flat back. Grav-thrusts don’t work this cold.”

“I don’t know if I did melt his foot, thanks for knowing,” said Space Janitor thinking back. There was nothing in his memory that stuck out to him.

“Look I may have tuned out myself. Fact is, what was Shep doing coming back here. You saved him. We get him out, he saves up and gets a new foot. If he’s feeling fancy, he could get one grown. If he wants to chase after you, you’re one step ahead of him.” Said Spenglactic, his joke falling flat with Space Janitor and to be honest, you the reader.

“I’m coming to the main corridor. There’s a small vehicle with tracks against a wall.” Space Janitor said.

“Sounds good. Much room?” asked Spenglactic.

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Space Janitor 068 Space Janitor 068

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